Anne is so enthusiastic, kind, and sensitive to my child's needs. My child enjoys the "tongue karate" program and looks forward to seeing what tricks Anne has up her sleeve. Anne has a wide range of activities, books, and materials that keep my child coming back to learn. We have been very pleased with the results of Anne's program.

Naomi, Louisville, CO


My 8 year old daughter had been sucking her thumb since she was two years old. I didn't think she would ever quit and then we went to see Anne. During the first meeting Anne spoke directly to my daughter and explained to her what she was doing when she sucked her thumb and why she needed to stop. My daughter understood her and from that day forward has given up her thumb habit. Anne provided support for my daughter during the difficult times of changing a habit and she celebrated her success. I give Anne two thumbs up!

Susan, Boulder, CO 


Our family would like to thank "Dr. Anne," for the incredible job she did with our son. She was recommended to us by a friend and she made my son feel very comfortable, confidant, and encouraged him every step of the way.   My son can now say his "S"!(after 10 years of trying, he can now do it!)    When I first heard it come out I was shocked, I really believed that we were going to have to be in therapy  for at least a year or more.  But whatever magic she used was worth the smile on our sons face..  Thank you a million times over!  We would recommend you to any ONE who has a speech issue it was fun.


Sincerely One grateful family!


You are the Best! 



I just love speech therapy because Miss Anne is so nice and she has so many fun games!

Jeremiah, age 7